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Can't get only 40MHz 2.4GHz

Tue Jan 26, 2021 6:42 am

I want to be able to switch to 40 MHz width 2.4GHz ONLY. The only option I get that even comes close is 20/40 Ce, eC, and XX. I just want 40 Ce, eC, and XX. Why can't I have just 40 MHz width? It wouldn't matter for WiFi certification because no Mikrotik device is technically WiFi certified, and RouterOS is supposed to give me all the options despite the troubles a misconfiguration might cause. What gives?
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Re: Can't get only 40MHz 2.4GHz

Tue Jan 26, 2021 9:11 am

As far as I know by using extension channels you are able to choose for 40MHz bandwidth. And depending on the selected extension channel (Ce or eC) you can manually select the combined channels used (where XX gives you random channels).
You can explain both the use case and the problems you are running into? For standard use, using 40MHz on the 2.4GHz radio is the worst option in a performance perspective.
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Re: Can't get only 40MHz 2.4GHz

Tue Jan 26, 2021 1:59 pm

Unlike with MCS, there is no mechanism in the 802.11 standard to signal that only 40MHz channel width is supported.
Implementing a 40MHz only operating mode would require a proprietary extension to the standard, supported by both ends of a wireless link and a modification to the algorithm RouterOS uses to select MCS and channel width for transmission, which currently optimizes for throughput.

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