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LHG 60G kit - New firmware causes flapping link Up/Down

Tue Jan 26, 2021 11:02 am

we bought several LHG 60G kits for our sites. Looks that they came with different factory firmwares even if the revision and model is exactly the same.

Boards with factory & current firmware 6.44.5 works like a charm:
routerboard: yes
board-name: LHG 60G
model: RBLHGG-60ad
revision: r2
serial-number: CF340B2FCC89
firmware-type: ipq4000L
factory-firmware: 6.44.5
current-firmware: 6.44.5
upgrade-firmware: 6.44.5

/interface w60g> monitor wlan60-1
connected: yes
frequency: 58320
remote-address: C4:AD:34:AE:EB:4A
tx-mode: dmg
tx-mcs: 8
tx-phy-rate: 2.3Gbps
signal: 80
rssi: -55
tx-sector: 22
tx-sector-info: right 1 degrees, down 0.6 degrees
distance: 524.27m
tx-packet-error-rate: 0%

But boards with higher version of firmware are very unstable. it starting from version 6.45.9 :
routerboard: yes
board-name: LHG 60G
model: RBLHGG-60ad
revision: r2
serial-number: CF890CFB2802
firmware-type: ipq4000L
factory-firmware: 6.45.9
current-firmware: 6.45.9
upgrade-firmware: 6.47.8

connected: yes
frequency: 58320
remote-address: 48:8F:5A:88:F6:5A
tx-mcs: 3
tx-phy-rate: 962.0Mbps
signal: 50
rssi: -65
tx-sector: 37
tx-sector-info: right 0.6 degrees, up 0.2 degrees
distance: 646.22m
tx-packet-error-rate: 2%
And how is ti flapping?
09:55:29 system,info,account user admin logged in from via telnet
09:55:54 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link down
09:56:03 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link up
09:56:21 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link down
09:56:25 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link up
09:56:37 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link down
09:58:39 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link up
09:58:53 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link down
09:58:56 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link up
09:59:00 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link down
09:59:10 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link up

I tried all newer firmwares, 6.47.8 and also the newest 6.48, all have the same behavior. Of course, both ends run always on the same FW. I tried link lower than 100meters with excellent alignment (tx-sector-info was center) and link was flapping

So main question - Is it possible to downgrade firmware lower than factory-firmware? I would like to try 6.44.5 on a board with 6.45.9 - looks that HW is the same, one works, second one not..

thanks !

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