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LHG 60G kit - New firmware causes flapping link Up/Down

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 11:02 am
by kiklop
we bought several LHG 60G kits for our sites. Looks that they came with different factory firmwares even if the revision and model is exactly the same.

Boards with factory & current firmware 6.44.5 works like a charm:
routerboard: yes
board-name: LHG 60G
model: RBLHGG-60ad
revision: r2
serial-number: CF340B2FCC89
firmware-type: ipq4000L
factory-firmware: 6.44.5
current-firmware: 6.44.5
upgrade-firmware: 6.44.5

/interface w60g> monitor wlan60-1
connected: yes
frequency: 58320
remote-address: C4:AD:34:AE:EB:4A
tx-mode: dmg
tx-mcs: 8
tx-phy-rate: 2.3Gbps
signal: 80
rssi: -55
tx-sector: 22
tx-sector-info: right 1 degrees, down 0.6 degrees
distance: 524.27m
tx-packet-error-rate: 0%

But boards with higher version of firmware are very unstable. it starting from version 6.45.9 :
routerboard: yes
board-name: LHG 60G
model: RBLHGG-60ad
revision: r2
serial-number: CF890CFB2802
firmware-type: ipq4000L
factory-firmware: 6.45.9
current-firmware: 6.45.9
upgrade-firmware: 6.47.8

connected: yes
frequency: 58320
remote-address: 48:8F:5A:88:F6:5A
tx-mcs: 3
tx-phy-rate: 962.0Mbps
signal: 50
rssi: -65
tx-sector: 37
tx-sector-info: right 0.6 degrees, up 0.2 degrees
distance: 646.22m
tx-packet-error-rate: 2%
And how is ti flapping?
09:55:29 system,info,account user admin logged in from via telnet
09:55:54 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link down
09:56:03 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link up
09:56:21 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link down
09:56:25 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link up
09:56:37 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link down
09:58:39 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link up
09:58:53 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link down
09:58:56 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link up
09:59:00 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link down
09:59:10 interface,info wlan60-station-1: link up

I tried all newer firmwares, 6.47.8 and also the newest 6.48, all have the same behavior. Of course, both ends run always on the same FW. I tried link lower than 100meters with excellent alignment (tx-sector-info was center) and link was flapping

So main question - Is it possible to downgrade firmware lower than factory-firmware? I would like to try 6.44.5 on a board with 6.45.9 - looks that HW is the same, one works, second one not..

thanks !