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wapAC. WLAN + VLAN. Speed issue

Sun Jan 31, 2021 7:00 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm struggling with an upload speed over 5Ghz once VLAN is enabled. It goes like this:

Untangle - > CRS326 - > RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD(wapAC)

Untangle has VLAN1 and VLAN60 tagged. VLAN60 has different subnet.
CRS326 has configured bridge with vlan filtering and vlan60 declared as tagged on port ether2(Untangle) and ether12(wapAC) - so this is trunk to trunk
wapAC has 4 WLANs. 1 and 2 on hardware interface corresponding to VLAN1 since those are not tagged and 3 and 4 (virtual) with VLAN60 tagging turned on

Now every time I enable VLAN tagging on 5Ghz WLAN3 interface upload speed goes down to ~0.5Mbit max! But it is fine when:
- this interface is set to A and/or N only
- 2.4Ghz interface is used
- packet sniffer is activated on affected WLAN (but only 50Mbit/s)

To clarify WLAN2 (5Ghz no VLAN) woks fine. WLAN3 (virtual 5Ghz with VLAN) is affected. Even if I delete WLAN3 and turn on VLAN tagging on WLAN2 I have the same issue.

I have tried countless combinations since two last days. Everything from building VLANS, bridges differently, turning on and off STP, changing WIFI modes, MTU, queues. Resetting wapAC to factory defaults + cleaning initial config - I don't need NAT. No luck. And this is happening on two wapAC units. Mine and my father in law.

Checked also my Untangle. Turned off basically all features, added bypass rules between VLANs interfaces. Still no luck.

Now the strange:
- speed test from usual ios/android@VLAN60 app shows this problem
- speed test from PC connected via WIFI - same
- iperf between phone@VLAN60 and PC@VLAN1 - same
- iperf between PC@VLAN60 and PV@VLAN1
- speed test on phones web browser is fine - this is crazy!

The config is base on this:

I really don't know at this point if it is a bug in Mikrotik or I am doing something wrong. As far as I can see if it's fine on 2.4Ghz interface then probably it's not configuration. Please help.

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