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No SINR in LHG LTE Kit-us

Tue Feb 02, 2021 1:32 am

Hi all! I am trying to optimize the position of the antenna, but I do not get the SINR value, neither in the terminal, nor in the webgui.
           pin-status: ok
  registration-status: registered
        functionality: full
         manufacturer: MikroTik
                model: R11e-LTE-US
             revision: MPSS: R11eL_v16.02.183961 APSS: R11eL_v05.03.183961 CUSTAPP:
     current-operator: ..
                  lac: 120
       current-cellid: ..
               enb-id: ..
            sector-id: 2
           phy-cellid: ..
    access-technology: Evolved 3G (LTE)
       session-uptime: 1h13m40s
                 imei: ..
                 imsi: ..
                 uicc: ..
               earfcn: 2050
                 rsrp: -78dBm
                 rsrq: -9dB
LTE firmware is latest:
 /interface lte firmware-upgrade lte1
  installed: R11eL_v16.02.183961
  latest: R11eL_v16.02.183961
RouterOS v6.48 (routerboard firmware as well). What can be the reason?

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