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WAP60Gx3 AP PtmP

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 10:36 pm
by johnb175
I recently installed a WAP60Gx3 AP and two WAP60's as stations all running 6.4.8 stable. Both stations are reporting tx-sector-info: center when viewing /interface w60g monitor 0 so they appear to be aimed correctly. When I am transferring files from the main LAN to the remote LAN behind Station A everything looks great. When i transfer to the LAN behind Station B I notice a high tx-packet-error-rate (sometimes up to 70%) from the WAP60Gx3 AP. Station A is 29.3m and Station B is 19.8m from the AP. I never notice any negative effects during the file transfer, but I find it strange when transferring to one station the WAP60Gx3 AP reports a high tx-packet-error-rate. Any advice/suggestions?