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Wireless clients connected to the repeater not getting IP address from the DHCP

Thu Feb 11, 2021 5:17 pm

I have a Mikrotik hAP ac2 and an Asus N18U configured as wireless repeater connected to the Mikrotik. The connection between Mikrotik and Asus is through wifi. Asus is getting IP address from Mikrotik DHCP server. The wifi clients connected to the Asus are not getting IP address from the Mikrotik DHCP server. If I set the IP address manually on the wifi client connected to the Asus the internet works on the client. I eliminated potential faulty hardware by testing with two Mikrotik routers and three Asus routers. Something is blocking the DHCP.
In the past I had a similar situation with an Ubiquiti AP and I couldn't even isolate the problem since I don't know much about DHCP protocol.

Do you have any ideas where can be the problem or at least how can I troubleshoot it?


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