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54km 20Mbits With 30dB MT Dish's, 532 & R350H

Fri Sep 14, 2007 11:45 pm

Hi All,

We just yesterday completed a link over 54KM using the MT RB/RPO Package with r350H. We managed to get 17mbit/sec on 5.75ghz and 20mbit/sec on 5800 super channel.

Signal for 20mhz channel was -63/-64 and -66/-67 for super channel.

The link was completed from two high points, one 400m and the other about 250m over land and water. We are pretty impressed, and reasonably sure we can get 25mbit/sec out of the link once installed and aligned properly.

Anyway, Congrats to MT for making awesome equipment that really does work :)


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