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Walled-garden stopped working

Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:56 pm

Got a hotspot and the walled-grden worked great yesterday but today any page in the walled garden times out. pages not in the waled garden redirect to lonon page as normal.


*EDIT: More info*

Ok so this was a rush adn I didn't have time to set it up in my office and test it so when I was testing it I have an EoIP from my office to the hotspot controller and I am int he same bridge group as the hotspot and my laptop and the walled garden work fine but when I am onsite it does not. I have 2 radios that have VAP's on them that are the hotspot and those VAP's are EoIP'd to the hotspot controller. All the EoIP tunnels, even the one from my office, terminate into a single bridge-group adn that bridge-group has the hotspot assigned to it. Everything works fine except the walled-garden on the wireless.

I don't understand how the walled-garden could work here but not there when it is all the same bridge group. Like I said the walled-garden tries to work, the page just sets there and times out, so I know the hotspot is treating it differently since if I disable the walled garden it redirects those pages to the log-on page.
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Re: Walled-garden stopped working

Thu May 25, 2017 1:17 pm

+1, have same issue on ccr1009-8g-1s-1s+.

Our login page works on HTTP, and all was fine. But when we switch to HTTPS, and add rule:
/ip hotspot walled-garden ip add action=accept disabled=no dst-host="" dst-port="443"
After two weeks hotspot starts redirect requests to dst-host to hotspot servlet. Reboot helps, but this is not a solution.

RouterOS 6.39.1

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