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Vlan tagging and transport over bridge

Tue Mar 04, 2008 4:00 pm

Hi all,
I've some RB connected via wireless with WDS link. The first RB is connected to a pppoe server that will have pppoe service on vlanid_2

Now i need to have a full bridged network accross i can transport some vlan (id_2 for pppoe, id_X for other service, etc, etc,). I've this problem:

On some RB i've 3 or more radio, some of theese in ap-bridge for customer access, for example:

Wlan1: WDS link for backhauling
Wlan2: WDS link for backhauling
Wlan3 and Wlan4: ap-bridge for customer

Bridge1 that bridge the two wds interface

I want create a vlan interface with id2 and bridge it with wlan3 e wlan4 to permit pppoe access to the customers (they use non only mikrotik cpe so i can't tag vlan on the cpe). But if i do it, i've broadcast storm on the network. Basically i do:

vlan_id2 created on bridge1 interface
bridge2 that bridge vlanid2 and wlan3,4

Any solutions to the problem ?

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