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Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:18 pm

What follows in my first post refers to my first (a-bit-disappointing) MESH configuration attempt.

three RB433AH with ROS3.19, one of them as a mesh-portal, each one of them having:
an R5H card in ap-bridge mode to form the wds/mesh links
an R52 card (disabled for the moment)
one mesh interface named "TEST-MESH")
dynamic WDS association to the mesh interface, and
one VLAN mesh sub-interface in order to access it from a specific subnet (irrelevant?)
It seems to work ... in a "don't touch it" mode:
When I try to change some wireless characteristics (e.g Tx Power) on the R5H card, the board reboots with a kernel failure with the attempted change never applied

log: jan/01/2002 03:00:12 system,error,critical System rebooted because of kernel failure

This doesn't happen to the mesh-portal which of course has the ether1 as an alive (connected) mesh-port, although the wds links disruption produces the failure to the other two boards!!!

Interestingly enough, after the failure when checking on the firmware in use, I see:

routerboard: yes
model: "433AH"
serial-number: "1A7801E02CB8"
current-firmware: ""
upgrade-firmware: "2.18"

Using the wireless-test package and upgrading to v3.20 didn't make any difference ...

My next step is to verify that the failure is related exclusively to the MESH configuration.
Then I'll check with a ubiquiti card
Then I will try to see if this happens with static wds
Then .... I will use your precious help ... if any :)

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Wed Feb 25, 2009 1:49 pm

i am having the same problem although i didnt look so deep but my boards are rebooting when changing 1 unit it seems to kill the others and this isnt good maybe the new software version will fix it i keep looking for it

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