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Strange bandwith experiences

Thu Feb 26, 2009 3:15 pm


We have this network:
The AP is running AP BRIDGE mode, with a WDS interface bridged with the ether interface.
The client is running in STATION WDS mode, bridged with ether interface.
Singal on Client side: -75/-67 SNR: 37
Office router is masqurading the inside network to internet.

And the interesting things:
FTP upload from PC to internet (PC booted in windows): 10-13 Mbit/s
FTP download to PC from internet (Windows) 22 Mbit/s result on PC (windows): download 17Mbit/s upload: slowly increases from 3 to 8 Mbit/s

When I boot the PC in linux:
Ftp: 20-22 Mbit/s up and down around 24/24 Mbit/s

Between the 2 pcs, trying the speed with ftp: 80-90 Mbit/s (both pc in windows)

If I connect a switch between the 411 and ROUTER, I plug my PC to the swith, I can measure the same results.

For test we built 2 x86 Routers, 2,4Ghz CPU, 512 RAM, R52 card with pci-minipci converter.
Set up this network. We measured same results as above. So we can say it's not the low performace.

Why are these diferences???

Has someone any idea???

And sorry for my very bad english ;)

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