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Deploying wireless as backbone: advice please.

Mon May 18, 2009 12:45 am

Hey there people,
I need some advice in putting down a wireless backbone to 2 locations.
All locations are in line of sight. Location 1 to hill is about 30 km, the hill to location 2 and 3 more 15-20km.
All cards are likely to be 400mW.
First of all, I would like to use Nstreme from the location 1 fibre-media converter-Routerboard. This would be nstremed to one card on our hill which serves as a repeater currently. Using a low dbi(?) point-to-point antennae because no one else is connecting to it. On the hill there would be a routerboard with 2 cards, one enslaved to ptp back to location 1,the other with the locations 2 and 3 nstremed with a routerboard at each point, probably a higher dbi(for wider range? I'm still new to this) antenna, there also needs to be the possibility of more clients connecting at some stage.
My only issues so far is that the hill is run on solar panel charging a marine battery. Unsure of what the number is, but what is a likely power consumption figure?

Other questions:
Tried to find a list of nstreme supported cards, where can I find a list?
Suggestions for antenna for different locations?
What sort of speed pc-pc can I expect at either location 2 or 3?
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Re: Deploying wireless as backbone: advice please.

Mon May 18, 2009 2:51 pm

For radios, use R5H or XR5.
If you must use 2.4 GHz, then use XR2.

I would use one sector (for PtMP) and one dish on the hill.

With the new nstreme and turbo mode, you should have no problems doing 15 Mbps between location 1 and location 2.

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