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!!RB14-11 Pc2MiniPci Adapter Bonding Problem!!.

Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:21 am

I have this scenario
I m using x86(Dell 2700Mhz 3xPci Slots)
Using station wds, ap bridge I have total throughput
with 2.51 (using before coming stable ver. of MT 3.x)
A1<->A3 TCP-58mbit UDP-64mbit one way.
with 3.x-3.28 (For the last 1 year)
A1<->A3 TCP-68mbit UDP-74mbit one way.

Last week I was trying to implement Bonding (USING Superchannel, Antenna 32db 5.9-6.1 Ghz V/H good isolation)
with total of 8 UB5 mini-PCI Module witch 4 are on point A2 there I have total 3 slots so I need to use
RB14-11 miniPCI to PCI Adapter
when bonding enable from A1--A2 I got only 3-10mbit when disabled (only 2 wlan active) the throughput back on 70mbit,
after 4 days looking for the problem I got and Idea for changing RB14-11 with 2 miniPCI to PCI - slots
and than everything come back 2 normal (Nstrime enable)TCP- 90-110 Mbit UDP-130-150 Mbit I have no time for tuning
Left me for doing second point from A2-A3 but I have no more free pci slots on point A2 i got to find new pc with 4 pci slot or if somebody can help me where I can find good 4 slot or 2 slot MiniPci to Pci adapter?

I hope this is good info don't use RB14-11 on x86 platform for Bonding or NstrimeDual (never try it but I thing it would have same problem)

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