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setting up the RB433 AP bridge to a hotspot

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:58 am
by wilburt
Hi Experts,

I have been able to successfully setup a hotspot on the RB750 on one of the interface. I have also been testing that interface using a simple AP device and everything has been working to plan.

For testing purposes it works, now I have gone out and obtained a RB433 with the R52 Wireless card. What I want to do is setup the RB433 to be the same as my initial simple AP device setup. I have read a view posts and people have been saying that the ether and the wlan should be bridged and directly connect the bridged ether to the hotspot interface. This makes sense.

What I am havig issues with is how do you bridge the ether and the wlan?

Am I approching this the right way?

Thanks in advance.

Re: setting up the RB433 AP bridge to a hotspot

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:31 pm
by fewi
You go to Interface > Bridge and add a new bridge interface. Then you add the two ports to it under Interface > Bridge > Ports.

While you are still setting this up would be a great time to separate user traffic from management traffic.
Let's say ether1 is where you will plug the AP in. Create two VLAN interfaces for VLAN ids 10 and 20, tie them to ether1. Set up the Hotspot on the VLAN 10 interface. This is for users. Set up some IP network on the VLAN 20 interface, this is for management. Add the same VLAN interfaces on the 433. Add an IP address on the same network on the VLAN 20 interface. Bridge the VLAN 10 interface with the WLAN terrace. On the 750 set firewall rules that prevent the IP space on the two VLANs from talking to one another. Now it is impossible for Hotspot users to even see the AP from a management perspective. While optional that's definitely best practice.