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need suggestions

Sat Oct 23, 2010 9:51 pm

i hav bought a 5.8 Ghz vertical sector Pannel antenna 90 degree coverage.(Hyperlink)
i m planning to fix it with RB 411 AH with R52Hn card.

actually i got 20-30 potenial coustomers towards west side of my tower which can produce me some big profit s. but most of them are not ready to pay for a point to point link. moreover if i installed PTP links for these 20-30 coustomers then my tower would hav no space left. for any new installtion..luckily i got all these coustomers in same direction which can be coverd by a 90 degree sector antenna.

Problems and challenges.
1.Most coutomers are ready to take a broadband connection of minimum 512 kbps Up and 512 Kbps down. and few will go for 1 Mbps down and 1 Mbps Up. and just only a 2-4 clients will need speed above 1 Mbps. all plans would be unlimited one.

2. i m planing to use Rb711 as a CPE, i will like to with 5 Ghz N only but single chain, bec of unavailablity of good MIMO antenna here.

3. i m worried how this setup will work.. will it be succesful.

4. is my planing is worthy..?

5. what are the configurations which i can done for optimum performance both in RB 411 AH and in RB 711 at clinet site shd i go with WDS

plz plz suggets .All suggestions are appriciable.

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Re: need suggestions

Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:18 pm

I think you should try, but I would have changed the 411 with something more powerful like the RB433AH og RB800. If you are going to connect all your users I would have added one or two more antennas and to more radio cards and transmitted on different 802.11a channels, use the area-code, ssid or access list to separate the users between your channels.

As clients i don't know if 711 or 411 models are the best. Pick the cheapest one since the bandwidth is rather low. Buy a few, test them out.

As N standard, i would be really careful, its by design really sensitive to interference and I find it tricky to be stable. I would settle for the 11a standard with standard R52 card.

A few more considerations is to build a design where you could reroute the traffic through some customers (act as local AP) and I find in the RouterOS 5.0RC2 release the NV2 TDMA protocol for wireless really exiting.

Check it out.
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