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VPN and Mobile Phones

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:27 am
by psycoclan1
Ok guys look. My home setup is a Mikrotik ( wifi router (4,1v) which is on the rooftop. There is a PPTP client connection to another friend to share his internet connection. A wifi Access Point (TP-LINK) ( is in my home to share the internet to my dad's pc! I have set up a Proxy server in mikrotik in order my dad can access the internet.

Tonight i'm testing my windows mobile phone (samsung omnia i-900) to connect wirelessly to internet. I've set up the connection with the TP-LINK (omnia ip :, which is bridged to Mikrotik for the IP addressing (DHCP server is the Mikrotik). For some reason Omnia cannot connect to internet even if i typed the Proxy settings in "windows network settings".

Then i thought to that a VPN connection through mikrotik and my omnia could be a solution, but i dont know how to set up my PPTP Server properly. I found the settings on the Omnia to become client (user/pass/calling ip).

Can you help me with the server settings? And if it's possible can i, somehow "isolate" the omnia VPN connection to route only the VPN client on my mikrotik?

Settings :
Local Network :
MT :, Mask : /24 , DNS :
PPTP Client : Remote Ip : <--- that's my internet connection

TP-LINK :, Gateway :


Edit : i read wiki : ... /PPTP.html but i couldnt find the answer :((((