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poor speed RB-433 +R52hn or XR2

Sat Apr 16, 2011 7:31 pm

i test RB-433 +R52hn or XR2 but download speed is about 100kbps
when i test with nano m2 speed is 2mps!
the other side ap is nano m2 or any 2.4 g device.
the antenna is tp-link 15dbi omni or itelite 18 dbi sectore.
please help me.
whats the problem? the configuration is same with other users in forum.
note that distance is about 100 meters!!!
and router os is 5.0
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Re: poor speed RB-433 +R52hn or XR2

Sun Apr 17, 2011 9:41 am


We had some problems with the R52hn. If you try to using in N mode with only one antenna you get poor results. You either need to use in a or b/g mode with one antenna or install two antennae. If using with one antenna it must be connected to J4.

Also if you're only going 100 metres, try turning down the power levels, if your receive levels are above -50dBm then that's way too high and probably introducing distortion.

Seems odd that you're only getting 2Mbps with a NanoStation M2 at the distances quoted you should be getting 65Mbps. Is the 100K/2M you're quoting the raw connect speed or on a bandwidth test?

Have you done any spectrum analysis to make sure you haven't got someone nearby on overlapping frequencies?


Chris Macneill

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