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how to tackle this problem.

Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:55 pm

hello frds;-
i have got a Linux based ISP level Bandwidth management with me. and i have installed it on a server class machine. then i have created IP pools like 172.17.10.xx and then i have assign separate private IP-address to each individual user in this server. and then i have assign internet packages to each user. i also created bandwidth policies in this software like 256kbps, 512kbps ,1 Mbps etc. and then i associated these policies to internet packages which i have created in this software.
but when any user start downloading any thing from internet then the browsing speeds of that user becomes extensively slow. its feels that the browsing is almost stopped but the browsing speed becomes normal as soon as the user stop downloading. is there any method by which the user get enough browsing speed while downloading at full speeds.

for example if i allot an internet package of 512Kbps to an user. and if he start downloading and he gets a transfer rate of 60KB/sec to 64KB/sec. his browsing speed got killed. and if he stop downloading he could able to browse at normal speeds.

Is there any trick or any solution to it. below are the pics of Bandwidth policy and internet packages.
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Re: how to tackle this problem.

Sun Apr 17, 2011 1:08 pm

This isn't really a mikrotik related question at all, however you could this sort of queuing on the Mikrotik just the same! :-P

That said:
Sounds like it's either dropping connections or just not doing any QoS further than the rate policing, which is probably what it's intended to do.

I'd recommend either looking at guaranteeing critical services better priority within the regular 512kbps queue, or investigating to see if the "bandwidth limits" are a queue or a rate policer (drops traffic over the limit with no queuing of packets).
Then after you've done that, reinstall the server with RouterOS and use either simple queues (1 per user) or a queue tree to define per address rate limits :-)

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