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Hotspot: one to one NAT

Fri Nov 18, 2011 9:40 pm

I have run into a issue of running out of Routable IP addresses on a Open WiFi network with Hotspot.
Currently anyone can connect to the hotspot, but only users with valid login can access web. Random devices that connect are eating up IP spaces for valid customers.

I've tried changing the DHCP server to a 10.125.x.x address and then leave the hotspot Pool set to the Routed address pool.
Clients can connect, get a 10.x address and login, but can't get beyond the Hotspot page. Just sits at the confirmation redirect page "click here if nothing happens".
In the HOSTS it shows the client, shows the local 10.125.x.x and the TO address is the same IP. It doesn't perform the translation to the routable pool.
Clients who have a Manual IP set on their system can connect, and get a proper "To address" and work fine. So that part of the one to one is working.

I can't figure out what I'm missing to get the this to work correctly.

Little more info - Current working config (let me know what else I can provide for assistance)
V4.5 (I know its outdated, but its stable)
the DHCP server is setup on eth2, and has been set to the Routed Pool, which till recently has been fine (enough address space)
The hotspot server is setup for the same interface, and I used the auto-setup rules to get that going. It's pool is set to the Routable pool. (same pool as DHCP server)
The pool consists of two /24 and one /23

Thanks for any pointers or links that can lead me in the right direction.

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