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What can I do to speed up

Tue Jan 17, 2012 2:03 pm


I have 6 SXT's and 1 Omnitik.

I have 5 locations witch I want to connect to eachother.
The distance between the locations is max 700 Meters and the sortest distance is 20 meters.

The longest distace is a sight to sight and no obstackles.
The sortest distance is not sight to sight. There is only 1 wall wetweet int (stone wall).

What is the best way to configure the devices for the highest speed?

I have seen thet the longest distance is not a problem
I used 2 SXT's
1 is in Station Bridge mode
1 is in bridge mode
Whit this setup I have a speed of 100MB (I'm happy with it but if you have suggestions to get a higher speed it is verry nice.

From the location where the Bridge is located from above the other locations are in a distance of 20 to 80 meters.
I put the Omnitik there and connect this to a switch and connect the SXT also to the switch.
On the other locations I placed the SXT's and let them connect to the Ominitik
There I have got a speed between the 3 and 30 MBit. Verry poor I think.
This are not realy sight to sicht connections There is 1 stone wall as obstackel.
What is the best way to get a higher speed?

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R. Verheij
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Re: What can I do to speed up

Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:21 am

You cant get speeds higher than 100mbit on SXT, because SXT has fast-ethernet port, not gigabit. Stone obstacle is big problem for 5Ghz. I suggest to use hammer and drill a hole in a stone wall and connect client and omnitik with cat5 cable (distance 20-30m is not a problem). This is the only solution for non-LOS client (behind the stone wall)

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