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consistent low rx-rate on station-bridge R52Hn

Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:04 am


I am experiencing some funny trends in all my PtP wireless setups using RB433 with the R52Hn mini pci cards with identical antennae at both ends. First I installed 2.5km PtP link with identical 5GHz 24dBi grid antennae using the nstreme protocol and ROS 5.11 with one side set to bridge and the other side station bridge. I noticed the station bridge side constantly registering rx-rate of 6mbps although tx-rate was registering 54mbps. The same was through for a 3.2km link both using 20MHz channel-width.

This afternoon I established a 10km link with two old identical Mikrotik parabolic dishes (approx 64cm in diameter) with same gear (only change is antennae and 10MHz channel-width) and observed similar low rx-rate of 3mbps and tx-rate of 36mbps on station bridge side. signal strength of -54dBm and signal noise ratio of 64dB and noise floor of -118dBm on channel 5185. I however noticed "current-ofdm-errors: 1560" compared to a value of 170 on bridge side. In all setups only HT0 is enabled since I was using single feed antennae

My question is what could be causing the low rx-rate on station-bridge side in all the installations. Am i missing something?

Secondly I want to take advantage of the 4.8GHz and 4.9GHz channels and using the beeps/audio on the routerboards for setting antenna alignment. Any guides as to that will be very much appreciated.

kind regards.
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Re: consistent low rx-rate on station-bridge R52Hn

Thu Feb 23, 2012 1:40 am

This R52Hn is a piece of Better use R52nM it is cheaper and much better. Distance of 10km is not a problem with 24db antennas. Signal approx -60. I had similiar problems with R52Hn and I changed them all for R52nM. The problem is gone.

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