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NO VALID PROFILE FOUND, user manager, RoS 5.14

Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:38 pm

i'm trying to setup Hotspot on RB433AH ros v 5.14

while trying to connect with user added to user manager getting error that "NO VALID PROFILE FOUND"
created profiles manually from UserManager web interface, "assigned" them to created users but nothing works

i'm trying simple setup because after working basic setup I need to configure hotspot MAC auth....

Should i continue working with UserManager or it's not working solution at all ?
ip hotspot profile
dns-name=hotspot.cdn hotspot-address= html-directory=hotspot \
    http-proxy= login-by=mac,http-chap mac-auth-password="" name=\
    hsprof1 nas-port-type=wireless-802.11 radius-accounting=yes \
    radius-default-domain="" radius-interim-update=received radius-location-id=\
    "" radius-location-name="" radius-mac-format=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX rate-limit=\
    "" smtp-server= split-user-domain=no use-radius=yes

add accounting-backup=no accounting-port=1813 address= \
    authentication-port=1812 called-id="" disabled=no domain="" realm="" \
    secret=hotspot service=hotspot timeout=300ms

tool user-manager user
add customer=admin disabled=no name=74:F0:6D:00:DD:FE password="" shared-users=\
    1 wireless-enc-algo=none wireless-enc-key="" wireless-psk=""

tool user-manager profile
add name=user name-for-users=user override-shared-users=unlimited price=0 \
    starts-at=logon validity=300w
add name=user1 name-for-users=user1 override-shared-users=off price=0 \
    starts-at=logon validity=300w

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