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Mikrotik Hotspot with more as one wired AP

Sun Jul 15, 2012 6:09 pm


i have a problem,

I have configured a Hotspot Gateway on a RB411 Board, with DHCP and User Manager. all working fine

now i want setup a second Accesspoint for a next floor in our Office. i want receive a IP Address from the first Hotspot Gateway (RB411) and want use the same login page from the Hotspot Gateway. i have not found any documentation for the config of the second Hotspot device.

the config of the first hotspot is:
RB 411 with 2,4 Ghz.
IP Address for the Ether1 Interface is: GW=
the IP Address for the Wireless Hotspot ist and i have configured a DHCP Range for Wlan Clients.

now i want setup a second RB4111 with the IP on the Ether1
and a IP of Wlan =

i have only a chance to connect both AP´s over wired connection and have no chance to connect both AP´s over wireless.

i have no idea to config the device that i can use both as ONE Hotspot

any Idea ?


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Re: Mikrotik Hotspot with more as one wired AP

Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:11 pm

Put next AP on same subnet as your first AP. Then just bridge trough. Put a bigger dhcp scope if u need more IP's.

Its also possible to do by tunneling etc. The main goal, is that all of your client have to use your hotspot gateway somehow as the default gateway.

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