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[HELP]About WiFi Networking

Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:44 pm

OK I'm quiet new with mikrotik..
and really, I don't know much about how it's work..

I'm using RB750G..

Let me explain my 1st networking..

I have 2 Internet Provider (to prevent sudden off of 1 Provider)
I use WiFi & LAN network..
For WiFi I use Linksys E4200 & RE1000

1st thing, I want to know about how to make all the WiFi become 1 SSID.
So, let's say wherever I go, I will still connect to the WiFi, even the WiFi router different from where I log in the device (By HotSpot LogIn)

[RB750G]-----[E4200]<<<<<->>>>>[RE1000] {E4200 & RE1000} 1 SSID

2nd thing, I want to bind few user, so they don't need to reconnect again.
I've been trying this thing, but the IP address always changed by itself..
So it's quite make me tired..

I don't want the LAN network to do the HotSpot LogIn..

It's just a few of my problem that I have :D
Can anyone solve, I will really thankfull with that..
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Re: [HELP]About WiFi Networking

Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:56 am

All fat AP set unified SSID, the same password, adjacent nearby AP frequency band to separation, the use of the can try to do it .

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