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Point to point and access-point setup

Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:31 pm


A client of mine, a two storey hotel based of the edge of the
southern Tunisian desert wants better wifi coverage for his

So far he has an ADSL wifi modem router in the office and
a couple of powerline devices allowing a second access point
in their dining/lobby area.

The Compound is composed of detached two storey concrete
bungalows spread across 1500 square meters.

I'm thinking of setting a point to point link, for instance,
linking the current between modem router using an RB and
a Groove placed at the other end/half of the compound.

The first objective is to transport the signal to the other end
of a compound and then to distribute the signal in an access
point fashion.

In my mind, the far end (isolated) device would require two
wifi channels, one to handle the point to point (5GHz) and the
other to take care of the access point (2.4GHz) side of things.

Or better yet two separate devices, one to handle the point to
point and a second to serve as the access point, e.g. a 411AH
and a couple of SXTs

I'm not sure of the quality of line of site, so I guess 55GHz might
not be the best choice for the PtoP link

Lastly, as an alternative, what if I used a Groove with a powerful
enough panel antenna How far, and especially how strong would
the signal remain ?

Thanks in advance for any insight you might have on this type of


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