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how to reset 2019?

Mon Feb 27, 2006 2:20 pm


I made a msitake with the IP adresses on the ethernet port of a 2019 unit (19dbi flat-panelwith integrated rb), and now I can not connect to it to reconfigure it.

It does not respond to the little switch sitting next to the ethernet-port. I've tried holding it in for more than 10 secs and also tried holding it pressed while putting on power to the unit.
There is no documentation explaining what this button does though. Is it a reset button?

How do I reset the unit to factory defaults?

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Mon Feb 27, 2006 2:26 pm

this button loads the secondary bios. do not use it. it is explained in the RouterBOARD 500 manual (see

try to connect in one of the following ways:

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