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Hotspot mesh

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:36 pm
by miro10hr

I am building a network that would cover small coastal town square. 2,4 GHz for clients and 5 GHz for backbone interconnection between APs. There will be 6 APs in total, 5 of them with both client and backbone radios and 1 additional with only backbone. All of that in 200m radius. Client radios are not a problem I am concerned with backbone.

My first intention was to use dynamic mesh to interconnect all APs, so if there is loss of signal between any two APs (for example, mast of sailing boat, larger ship in harbour) there would be route through other AP.
I also planned to use nv2 as all APs would have several clients (other APs) and nv2 should be better for such use.

Now I realized that nv2 and dynamic mesh do not work together. Why is that so? Or I am doing something wrong?

So if that is the case should I use 802.11 and dynamic mesh and risk poor behavior of 802.11 in multipoint environment or use nv2 and have benefits of nv2 in multipoint environment, but use some different mesh setup?

Is there any other kind of mesh setup that I could use with nv2?

Problem is if I put AP bridge-station setup, that if AP fails or station looses connection to it (ships, sailing boats), it cannot go through other station. In dynamic mesh all points can be setup as AP bridge so if one point fails there is a route through other.

Re: Hotspot mesh

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:55 pm
by miro10hr
Nobody is using mesh?

I was testing in the lab and either I am not doing something right or dynamic mesh with HWMP is very unstable.

Here is my really simplified setup:


wlan1=AP1=eth--eth=AP2=wlan wlan1=AP5=wlan2


These are interfaces for backbone, every AP (except 0) has one other wlan interface on 2,4GHz. I want to interconnect all nodes (everyone with everyone).

I've configured all APs on 5GHz like this:
mode: AP bridge
band: Only N
width: 20/40 Above
protocol: 802.11
Wds mode: dynamic mesh
default bridge: Mesh1
Mesh1 ports:
eth1 (for AP1, AP2, AP3, AP4)
wlan2 (for all except AP0)

AP0 is portal

Mesh reoptimize path is turned on.

There are times where everything works, but when I test and shutdown one AP I lose connection to some of the others. Loss of connection is random. Sometimes none of the rest have connection, sometime 2 of 4 have connection and the rest do not... I don't know what is happening. I've tried to wait for a longer period of time - 15 minutes, thought that reoptimization would be triggered and everything would work, but it just did not happen.

I will try with dynamic mesh and bridging+rstp, instead of HWMP.
I searched the forums but it seems not a lot of people tried to use this HWMP dynamic mesh or did not use it successfully.

What kind of mesh would you suggest? What type of configuration can I use so that I have everyone talks with everyone setup?

Re: Hotspot mesh

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:41 pm
by dohmniq
I tried to do something similar too.

My thinking was that with mesh-over-NV2 then I'd have the best of both worlds: more efficient throughput due to NV2 AND automatic fail-over/re-routing of APs.

Following the advice in the NV2 page I ... ing_to_Nv2 ), I set one AP to nv2-nstreme-802.11 and it promptly decided not to connect, even when I set the other end to 802.11 only.

I'll upgrade a couple of 711 RBs to ROS 6.2 and try again.

Will post back later!

Re: Hotspot mesh

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 12:36 pm
by dohmniq
I've set up an OmniTik-5 and a RB711GA with ROS 6.2.

Both reset to default configuration, then the default bridge deleted.

Both radios are set to NV2 and static-mesh.

Each mesh node has its own IP and I can ping between them.

There are NO WDS entries! I suspect WDS is 802.11 only and hence doesn't exist in the NV2 realm.

I even swapped the AP to dynamic-mesh - still works fine (no WDS entries then either).