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i can not reach network with Omnitik

Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:30 pm

hello friends, this is my first post.
i have a problem with my routers. i will tel you my network map to see tell be more clear for you.
i can not reach and ping my sxt or tp-link or ubiquiti antennas.
please how can i reach them.

my network map is:

router 750 ============> Omnitik ===============> SXT ==============> Omnitik ====> SXT>eth1), wlan pppoe(, bridge (sxt =>eth1- eth1 =>omni), wlan pppoe (192.168.1010/24).

i can reach from router 750 ( (eth1)) to antennas and
i can not reach from router 750 ( (eth1)), (wnal omni client), to (wlan omni client)
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