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wds-station mode not cooperating, help needed

Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:35 am

after many many hours its time to ask for some help.

I've set up three APs (double radio each) as a mesh network, following the example with one radio for interconnections an the other for clients.

All APs are in ap-bridge mode, WDS mode is static mesh and the WDS default bridge is a mesh interface.
WDS interfaces have been manually added under wireless interfaces and also the ports in the mesh interface

The system is WORKING, every AP connects with each other and client pc's can connect anywhere I want.


I want also to be able to attach an SXT, in station wds mode which is the best mode for transparent bridging,
this is what everybody says.
So I created another wds interface for the SXT under the wireless interface to which I want to connect, I set up the frequencies etc etc, and created a bridge for the SXT to bridge ether and wlan ports.

Conection established, wds interface at AP is RSA (Running,Active,Slave), I plug SXT to my pc, and here is the firewall.
I can see nothing. Tried many combinations but nada. The SXT is blind even when I ping from inside
The funny thing is that if I choose station pseudobridge mode for the SXT everything is ok.

Am I missing something in the setup? Do I have to use the WDS tab in the wireless interface?
I'm really confused

Please help

Andreas K.
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Re: wds-station mode not cooperating, help needed

Sun Dec 08, 2013 8:36 am

go to the WDS tab, set WDS mode to Dynamic, then on WDS bridge, select your bridge and apply.

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