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Use of Multiple Chains / Aerial Selections

Fri Jan 24, 2014 2:22 pm

I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. We have, for some time had an RB751G-2HnD (802.11b/g/n, 20Mhz, WPA-PSK2, AES) to service the general wireless requirements of our office (laptops/phones etc.) and also to use for our Cisco SPA VOIP phones which also run over wireless.

The problem we have had is that when there is heavy use of the wireless network, we get problematic jitter and other such issues on the phones and no amount of attempts at queueing or QOS in the wireless AP appear to be able to solve these problems as the voice is very sensitive so we have now decided to install an additional access point specifically for the VOIP phones running on a different wireless channel.

We purchased an RB912UAG-2HPnD (Basebox2) and connected two 5db (rubber duck) antennas to the two connectors directly on the device and we are using this device solely for the VOIP phones on a different channel and SSID to the original router.

If we run this new RB912UAG-2HPnD device on a single chain for RX/TX on 802.11g/20 Mhz)AES/WPA-PSK2 all the phones work 100%, there is no jitter of any sort and all the other devices on the original wireless network can work without any phone related issues.

However, when I first installed this device, I had both chains enabled and this caused us all sorts of jitter problems and I have no idea why, is it that two aerials both connected directly to the device are physically just too close together or should I be using different aerials or finding some way to space them out?

The reason I ask is that I also thinking of replacing our original access point (RB751G-2HnD) with a dual band access point (RB912UAG-5HPnD + R11e-2HPnD card) and installing 4 similar aerials screwed directly onto this device, 2 for the 2.4Ghz card and two for the 5.0Ghz card and I'm concerned given my experience above that these aerials might be physically too close together and may not work effectively.

I'd really appreciate any help or advice anyone could give me on this topic.

Thanks in advance, Dominic

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