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Mikro Tik - login system with radius server

Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:11 am

First I will explain my setup,
Radius Server placed in My Head office.
Mikro Tik Server Placed in the Client office.
I have Mikro Tik router which was integrated with the Radius Server for login System which means coupons will be created in the radius server & it will provided to the users where the Mikro Tik router placed(Client office) . Users will get DHCP from the Mikro TIk & they will get login Page too from the Mikro TIk. Once they entered the coupon it will authenticate to internet if the coupon is valid.
Varity of coupons are available, like 1 Hrs, 24 Hrs, 2Hrs etc…
Now the problem is if user logged in for 24 hrs coupon @ 09.00 Am on 10/02/14 (which menas next day 11/02/14 9 A.M validity is there) user will work internet up to 10.00 AM, then he will shut down his laptop, he will come back after some time (for ie. he is coming back @ the evening 06.00PM on 10/02/14) and then user will open his laptop when the user goes to the internet again user is getting the login page but still the user having the validity. It’s make user to annoy.

Solution Need: Now the requirement, if the user logged in for 24 hrs, it should not give the login page until his validity goes off!!! Any solution let us know!!!

Here with I attached my config also!!!
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Re: Mikro Tik - login system with radius server

Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:25 pm

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