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WDS Mesh

Sat May 17, 2014 3:34 am

I have about 8 repeaters that I want to turn in to a mesh, looking in Mikrotik Wiki, it does show how to do it... but cant get it to work between one AP to the head end. The head end is where the internet switch is, just incase some one did not know what I meant.

any tips on what to do? I don't know what the admin MAC address is. Any help with the whole thing?
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Re: WDS Mesh

Sat May 17, 2014 2:54 pm

Not a lot of mesh help out there it seems.

I did run a mesh for a while but ran into issues where some nodes would 'break' and require a reboot to rejoin the mesh. Sometimes it got so bad the whole mesh would collapse.

However, it is quite nice to have your network self-route, self-heal and be on a simpler layer 2 basis. I might try again now that RouterOS 6.13 is out. I tend to use NV2 rather than 802.11 and I seem to remember I didn't need WDS entries at all either!


Your "head end" needs to be designated as a "portal" or "root" node. This will get packets to IP addresses that don't have a corresponding MAC address in the mesh to be forwarded on to the portal/root node by default.

There's no support for routing based on the bandwidth between nodes but you can coarsely tune routes by using your wireless access/connect lists to prevent poorly performing links.

There are other resources in addition to the Wiki, like presentation videos at

Report back here and I'll do the same as I try meshing again.

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