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EN301893 compliants, 802.11h

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 6:39 pm
by MaHr
Hello everybody,
regarding to 802.11h addendum to 802.11 and EN301893. EN301893 said, that IEEE802.11 standard is nessesary for apply EN301893 itselfs. Must be 802.11h implemented or may be. I am little bit confused, because some manufacturer (ie. UBNT - AirOs latest version) contain in management packets 802.11h headers (ie. Spectrum management enabled information, Country code and available channels) and other (ie.Mikrotik - RouterOS latest version) this function doesn't have implemented yet, or I don't know why this information are not in management packet. Similar to this, latest EN301893 doesnt allow disable DFS function on RLAN, why mikrotik still have this function accessible from settings.
Can somebody explain it for me little bit deeply, please...
Many thanks