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Wireless AP Clients lose association...

Mon Jun 19, 2006 11:50 pm

A long time ago I recall seeing a thread about a situation where a Mikrotik AP would lose its clients, changing channel, power output, or enabling disabling the wireless interface would temporarily fix the problem. This is also only when using a SR2.

Could someone point me to that post or perhaps help me with this, my details are below :

RouterOS Ver : 2.9.23
Routerboard : 532 with 2 SR2 (both are outputting only 21db at this moment)

There is about 30 feet of actual seperation between the two antenna's. One is Verticle and the other is Horizontal. We experience problems with the horizontal antenna. We have swapped out the Antenna itself just to be sure, and we are fully grounded and have lightening arresters. The problem only occures on one of the two sr2's in the routerboard. This is an isolated site and we are the only company on the tower. There are only the TWO 2.4 cards on this tower. Both are AP's.

We seam to encounter the problem once every 5 days.

Am I missing anything else ?

- kriss
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Tue Jun 20, 2006 12:07 am


I have found (and heard) the SR2 works best with default power setting

Manual setting can overdrive/overheat the cards
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Tue Jun 20, 2006 12:35 am

Stupid question, but are your CPE's also Horizontally polorized? :)

Also are the cards on non-overlapping channels (ie: 1/6/11)?

Setting the cards to default for TX-Power should be fine, that's how I have all of my SR2's configured. There's no need to force the TX-Power.

Also what type of CPE are you using?

You may want to try swapping the SR2...
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Tue Jun 20, 2006 1:59 am

I had set the power to lower because I had read reports of the routerboard 532 not being able to supply enough power or have enough power itself if you had too much. When I first put both cards In I had a hard time getting clients to connect ( the AP was put in to replace a AP which took a direct lightening hit!) But later tonight I will set the power to default to see if it improves. I must note that the other card in the same routerboard does not experience this issue. I thread i had read before i thought said something about the periodic calibration being able to help, but I still can't find that thread.

So to answer the non-stupid question : Yes, my CPE's are H pol as well.

Yes, we typically use 1/11 for this particular AP. But through trying to get it stable, any chan combination yields the same results with *only* this card dropping clients usually around the 5 day mark.

CPE's are mixed mode as we've had this tower for about 5 years now with anything ranging from Senao's to WET11 (linksys) and Buffaloe USB Bridges running LMR to their roof. WE no longer add any new clients to this AP as we are deploying a 5.8 solution for new clients instead of 2.4.

I'll order a new SR2 down then and try swapping it out since that's really what I'm left with. Any other ideas ??

Thank you for the replies!

- Kriss

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