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Channel width setting AP versus station mode

Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:52 pm

If CPE is set to 20Mhz bandwidth, but in 'channel' I configure 10Mhz wide channels and set these in the scan, the station will lock-into these.
But is the receiver still receiving in 20Mhz mode?

In other words, If I would have set the CPE in 10Mhz channel width, would it narrow the receiver's 'gate' to 10Mhz now so in comparison to the above, the receiver would be less sustainable to 'adjacent channel' interference?


AP in 10Mhz bandwidth sending, lets say in 5600Mhz, thus channel is 5595-5605.
CPE in 20Mhz bandwidht mode, but scan list has 10Mhz channel => CPE connects to AP
Someone said to me CPE is now still 'listening' in the full 20Mhz wide channel.

Now; if we have an 'Interfering' AP that sends at 5615Mhz (thus 'using 5605-5625Mhz) therefore part of its signal is directly 'heard' by the CPE. (Because my CPE and 'interfering AP' have 5Mhz 'overlap', 5605-5610)


AP in 10Mhz bandwidth sending, again in 5600Mhz, thus channel is 5595-5605.
CPE in 10Mhz bandwidth mode, scan list has 5600Mhz set => CPE connects to AP
Is CPE no listening in 10Mhz wide band only, or still in 20Mhz wide band?

Now; if we have the 'Interfering' AP that sends at 5615Mhz (thus 'using 5605-5625Mhz) is its signal still directly 'heard' by the CPE or not?
If the radio now really would listen to 10Mhz only, there would be less interference from 'interfering AP' as in the first example?

Anybody any say in this? Ever tested?

Same story for 20/40Mhz wide settings, and now with ac even in broader channel setting.
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