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WDS slave with EAP-TLS

Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 2:01 pm
by m0kct

I'm trying to configure a wireless interface with mode=wds-slave. The SSID in question uses EAP-TLS, and I'd like the WDS slave to pass EAP requests to a Radius server (eap-methods=passthrough). But it seems that in order for the WDS slave to authenticate itself to the network, eap-methods needs to be set to eap-tls, in which case, the WDS slave will process EAP-TLS locally instead of using a Radius server.

Am I missing something here? Is it possible to achieve what I want (i.e., WDS slave on EAP-TLS SSID with a Radius sever)?



Re: WDS slave with EAP-TLS

Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:11 pm
by m0kct
To answer my own question...

Create two security-profiles: one client (eap-methods=eap-tls), one AP (eap-methods=passthrough). Set security-profile=AP on the wireless interface, and:
/interface wireless connect-list add interface=wlan1 security-profile=client