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SXT - AP and CPE - Vlan Access Port - Vlan Untagged

Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:55 pm

I need to create a network layout with two SXT .
In the AP have a simple configuration with three other SXT accessing the internet by NAT .
Also in AP , need to set up a bridge with vlan to interconnect a CCR Router Port (with vlan 3401) and a client (untagged) with a computer without vlan.

vlan 3401 on ether1: ether1.3401
vlan 3401 on wlan1: wlan1.3401

Bridge1: ether1.3401 + wlan1.3401

Wireless: AP Bridge: Dynamic WDS (Bridge1)

vlan 3401 on wlan1: wlan1.3401

Bridge1: ether1 + wlan1.3401

Wireless: Station WDS : Dynamic WDS (Bridge1)
The problem is, although there is not fall between the SXT , the CPE loses contact with Both, CCR and with the computer.

I tried other settings such as vlan access, but it did not work .

The RouterOS does not support vlan untagged or am I wrong in my configuration ?


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