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Cross chain link failure

Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:02 pm

Duo chain backhaul link
Remote site is QRT, local site is rb911G-5HPnD

QRT has CH-0 = H-pol and CH-1 = V-Pol (Standard connection for all integrated MT antenna units)

Local site is 29dBi Jirious Duo-pol dome antenna with mentioned rb911. CH-0 should be connected to H-Pol of Jirious (side) and CH-1 should be connected to the V-Pol of the Jirious (top)

According rb911 I have a cross failure in Tx and Rx:

CH-0 Tx= -63 / Rx= -77
CH-1 Tx= -78 / Rx= -62

What can be the reason?

If one of the cables / pigtails or in anyway the connection between radio chain an antenna connector, is faulty I would expect only one of the chains has a poor Tx AND Rx? The other chain would work normal..

Can it be that the rb911 is cross connected? i.e. CH-0 to the V-pol antenna and CH-1 vice versa?
But according some quotes on this forum it should not make a difference.

Could it be it is cross connected AND one of the cables has a failure? So if I would change the connections at least one of the chains will have both Rx and Tx failing?
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