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Groove not accepting CAPsMAN settings

Mon Jun 22, 2015 1:49 am

Have a RB 951 and GrooveA-52HPn. The groove accepts all the configuration from the CAPsMAN accept channel width. I have it set to 20MHz and it Sets it to 20/40MHz CE setting.

CAPsMAN does not seem to work correctly from RB 750gl or RB 950 series. I've tried it with a Groove and Basebox, it will not get correct radio information. I've setup the exact same CAPsMAN config on the RB 750 as a CRS109, both groove and basebox work when connected to the CRS109, but not the RB 750.

The CAPsMAN manual says it, "CAPsMAN works on any RouterOS device from v6.11" I have version 6.29.1 on both, I've updated firmware, tried on 3 different RB 750 GLs.

CAPs will get IP but can't hand out because they don't get correct radio info.

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