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TDMA Standard for WiFi

Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:54 pm

Does anyone know if there are any standard, open TDMA protocols in the works? The main problem today is that each vendor has a different version of this technology that is proprietary. So if you want to use TDMA on a wireless network, roaming clients using their own devices cannot connect. Also, as far as I know, there are no USB adapters from any hardware vendors that support any version of TDMA.

I've been hoping for a TDMA hardware vendor such as Mikrotik or Ubiquiti to get aggressive and open-source their TDMA technology to hopefully create a standard that the industry will latch onto. I've also been wondering if LTE-U will be something that will be widely available for use in non-cellular systems. I'm thinking this may be a good solution to wifi timing too as I believe this includes TDMA.

Mikrotik reps: what is your opinion or the company's position on these issues? More specifically:
1. Is Mikrotik considering open-sourcing TDMA technology? Or is it already?
2. Is there a USB NV2 device available? If not is there any future plans for one?
3. Is Mikrotik considering developing LTE-U technology?
4. Is there some fundamental flaw in using TDMA for WiFi networks that I am missing?

In case you use Ubiquiti and Mikrotik equipment as I do, you may notice that I posted something similar on the UBNT forum: ... 8#U1282638

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