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link of 3 kms, and high voltage site

Sun Jul 30, 2006 10:06 pm


i have question, i try make a link of 2.8 kms, in the site A have a 200 mts, a electricity distribution plant, only see tower and high lines voltages.

in the point A have a AP with 26 dBm and 19 dBi antenna hyperlink grid.

in the point B have a CPE with 17.5 dBm and internal antenna of 13 dBi.

one time in the site A i can see association and see the CPE in -0 dBm, and can see reply ping.

when try in the next day make the same experiment, no make association, in the point B the CPE can see very good strengh the signal of AP. but no associate.

i am working in 2.4 Ghz 802.11b, my question is, you have problem with high voltage lines ? this make a problem???

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