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Dude rc19 Opens many windows

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:57 pm
by gmsmstr
So I have many dude versions installed, looks like now the rc19 version installed, when i run the dude even from a specific directory, it tries to start the dude server, but it keeps calling the dude vrc19 and it opens again and again. anyone else have this happen?

Re: Dude rc19 Opens many windows

Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:51 pm
by AiroSam
I had this happen to me after I updated our Dude server to rc19.

Even after downloading the new Dude Windows Client, it would still ask to "update" to beta4 when I opened it up. And it would keep opening new windows over and over.

The fix was completely removing all Dude programs from my PC and re-downloading the new Windows Client. It's been working fine ever since.

Re: Dude rc19 Opens many windows

Posted: Sat Dec 12, 2015 12:58 pm
by frogale
Same here when trying to update client automatically to new version ..