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Fearute request - Polling multiple IP of the device

Mon May 01, 2017 10:23 pm

Dear Mikrotik team,

Please review a possibility to add a feature to add multiple IPs to the device.

For example, we have a Web Server which is accessible via internal and external IP.
In such case we should be able to add both IPs to the device and also add a description of the IPs.
Device.Name - Web Server
Device.IP - Device.IP.Description - - Internal IP
Device.IP - Device.IP.Description - - External IP

As a result we will get something like this:
Ping on Web Server Internal IP is now down - Apr/29/2017 14:45:22
Ping on Web Server Internal IP is now up - Apr/29/2017 14:46:22

We also should have an ability to specify relation between IPs. For example, perform the check only if all other or one of the IPs are UP or DOWN.

Thank you!

Feature request list for Dude v6
sorry for my english
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Re: Fearute request - Polling multiple IP of the device

Wed Mar 27, 2019 7:09 pm

I Agree.. this is needed.
I have some remote locations that I monitor that has 2 connections.
I need to poll both interfaces so I can see if one of the connections is down.

if they could ad a little option with the PROBE or ping section that would allow you to specify either an ip address or "Default" ip the first one.
and "Secondary" which would be the second listed?

This would be great
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Re: Fearute request - Polling multiple IP of the device

Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:57 am

+1 it's very important
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Re: Fearute request - Polling multiple IP of the device

Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:09 am

The Dude already supports multiple IP addresses per device (well 4b3 does anyway).


There is no built-in method to probe the second,third,fourth,etc addresses but I have written a probe that pings the second interface on some of my devices so that you can tell if the first or second interface is down. The issue I have found though, is that even though the device is configured to be probed using a specific agent, the second interface is probed by the primary Dude server. This gives me some weird indications sometimes, but it may be OK for you to use as-is. If anyone knows how to make the second interface probe obey the device config regarding the agent please let me know.


Ping if2 code for the Probe Error field:
if(array_element(ping(string_substring(device_property("AddressesCommaList"),string_find(device_property("AddressesCommaList"),",")+2,(string_size(device_property("AddressesCommaList"))- string_find(device_property("AddressesCommaList"),",")+2))),0)=0,"","Down")

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