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Feature request - Checkbox for gather routes and PPP interfaces

Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:38 pm

Please, I will repeat my post from here:
Hello. Here we are used to use The Dude as we think its an awesome network monitoring tool.

One little thing is really annoying me, which is monitoring BGP Routers.
When we enable the RouterOS checkbox, all those routes (more then 1.2 million) would be read by The Dude.
If I enable SNMP, this also occur, which makes The Dude go crazy when a link become unavailable and all those routes need to disappear from the router.

So, would be possible to create a checkbox to not import routes from these types of routers?
This would be really effective as we could monitor all those services behind these routers but with only this exception.
I did read about many interfaces (used to appear in a PPPoE Server) also make this kind of behavior.

Maybe two checkbox, one about PPP interfaces and another about Routes.


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