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Feature request - Repeated notifications

Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:05 pm


Currently in Dude v6 a repeated notifications may be configured using Advanced tab of the Notification:
1. Repeat Interval
2. Repeat Count

From below mentioned forum topics we may assume that current implementation doesn't work like most of users understand it. Current implementation will continue to send notification after device changed it's status back.

New implementation should:
1. Send repeated notification only for specific states - Up/Down/Unstable and this should be configurable.
2. Send repeated notification with specific interval - currently implemented.
3. "Repeat Count" should be configurable to "Permanently".
4. Send repeated notification as specified in "Repeat Count" with "Repeat Interval" and only until device state is changed back.

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Thank you!

Feature request list for Dude v6
sorry for my english

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