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Dude refreshing state fails...

Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:02 am

I've noticed that The Dude (I running this on Hex 750Gr3) in some cases doesn't refresh the state on maps, This occurence is only from "fail" (red) to "OK" (green) states.
However, the "ok" state to "fail" state is working fine. This is a not new bug (if this is a bug, I don't know). I tried to ping the device in red and is correct, after the problem dissapears: it responds all times after. I also wait a time for the Dude System polling and nothing to do. The red colour and consequently signalisation as fail remains.
If I try to inspect the device, in tab "Services" is green state (OK) but in maps the situation of falis continues without alters..
This is not permanent fail. It seems a randomly sequence.
The way to make operative all system is the exiting of system and make new run, or disabling the polling cycle in affected device and after enabling. When I use the last solution, the state on map affected well done, but only in the map where I disable-enable polling.
Thanks! I'm wait your post with solution!
Sorry if the problem is a misconfiguration I did make...
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Re: Dude refreshing state fails...

Thu Dec 13, 2018 10:31 pm

I see this from time to time as well, so if you are doing something wrong I'm doing the exact same thing.

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