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How to recover dude v6 database. (No History will be saved)

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:56 pm
by cdemers
** Remember to make a backup of any files before starting. **

These instructions were written on a ubuntu desktop.
You will require sqlite3: sudo apt install sqlite3

- Disable dude server.
- Copy dude.db from router to computer.
- Rename database to dude.db-bad
- Delete the old database from the dude server.
- ReStart the dude server to create a new dude.db
- Stop the dude server and then copy that file also from the dude server to your computer.

Now we will use sqlite3 to export a dump and grab all the objs table.
Open a command prompt to where you saved the files and run the following command.

sqlite3 dude.db-bad ".dump" | grep "INSERT INTO objs" | sqlite3 dude.db

Now delete the blank database on the dude server and upload the new dude.db file.
Start the dude server and it should start now no problem and put your map should be back.


Just ran into this and wanted to write a simpler fix to this problem. I didn't have time to write a Windows version of this. Procedure should work on most Linux/Unix/BSDs. Just need sqlite3 installed.