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graphing MultiGig links from SNMP

Wed Mar 27, 2019 2:14 pm

Hi all,

we recently upgraded our infrastructure to Cisco Nexus 3548P and Catalyst 9300 switches.
While updating the dude maps (Running 6.44.1 in a CHR) I realized that the link graphs don't scale correctly:

I have a couple of links from 9300 TwoGigabit-Interfaces linking to other devices with a 1Gig interface. The graphs seem to plot and scale against the links max possible speed, not the connected speed (which is reported correctly as 1G). So a real 800MBps traffic shows as 1.6GBps.

Our Uplinks are PortChannels with two TenGigabit-interfaces and they show up in the Dude as 4.29GBps links (snmp-pulling the port-channel interface) - but the b/w scales correctly according to the really available speed.
Alternatively using the physical interfaces as data source (i.e. Te1/1/1 and Te2/1/1 instead of Po10) show 4.29G as well as connected speed while actually being connected at 10G.
Same counts for the Nexus vpc link which is an aggregate of six 10G interfaces - shows up as 4.29G as well. Traffic is plotted correctly.

Adjusting the link type between 10G ethernet/Gigabit EThernet/Point2Point or whatsoever doesn't change anything.
Nor does entering a speed value.

Anything I can do about this?
Christopher Diedrich
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Re: graphing MultiGig links from SNMP

Thu Dec 19, 2019 5:42 pm

Did you ever resolve this? I seem to be having a similar issue but in reverse. We added a couple of Cisco switches. On the routerOS side the graph reports the rate at nearly 6g but on the Cisco side is only shows less than 3g during peak times.

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