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Problem with 'Execute locally' Notification

Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:47 pm

I am running a VM with 6.44.1 Stable and The Dude server. I have been using The Dude for several years, and can't seem to figure out where the failure is. I think I've found a bug.

If I run the following command from a Terminal on the device, it works fine.
But, if I have a Dude notification set up for "execute locally", it never runs.
/tool fetch mode=https url="" http-method=post http-data="{\"text\": \":icon: Service ([Probe.Name]) on ([Device.Name]) is now **([Service.Status])**\", \"channel\": \"sandbox\", \"username\": \"dude\"}" http-header-field="content-type: application/json"
It works flawlessly from the command-line -- I think the Dude might be mangling the string after variable substitution? Any way to see some error output? I don't see anything in my logs. Nothing is received on the remote end.

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